Ku﹒kün (noun)

/ka' koon/

1. something that envelops or surrounds, especially in a protective or comforting way

"the cocoon of her kimono". "a warm cocoon of love"

Why we started:

After a trip to the Grand Canyon using one of the top brands in outdoor blankets, with high hopes and expectations, we were let down. Expecting more warmth, water resistance, and a faster dry time, we knew that we could do better.

As soon as our trip was over, we set out to create the best outdoor blanket on the market, something we could rely on.

From size, water resistance, and features to insulation, we stepped up the game to bring you the D.I.A. Premium Puffy blanket from Kukün.

How are camping blankets better than normal blankets?

One For All.

From home to adventure, we all have many different activities that embrace the elements. We wanted to create a blanket that would excel at any activity and wanted to ensure that staying warm wouldn't be an issue. From camping and hiking, to concerts and sporting events, we created a blanket to DO IT ALL. This ultra warm, lightweight, durable, and packable blanket is what we came up with. The go to blanket ready for any situation, ensuring you stay warm no matter what you do.

How warm do outdoor blankets keep you?

For Everyone.

We believe that our products help people and that they can have a positive impact on your every day life. Regardless of the situation, our goal is to empower you with preparedness.

Is a puffy blanket needed for camping?

Our Approach.

Not all blankets are created the same. Our unwavering commitment to excellence led us to choose nothing but the finest insulation available. By collaborating with the industry leader, PrimaLoft, we ensure that only the absolute best is delivered to you, embodying our dedication to quality.

Feel the difference.

Don't just take our word for it!