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What is the best outdoor blanket for camping?  Camping blanket Rumpl competitor.

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Next-Level Puffy Blanket

We may not be your first, but we'll definitely be your last. Sure, you may have been with others, but prepare to get your mind blown as the Kukün D.I.A. Premium Puffy Blanket knows all of the right places. Once you sleep with us, you'll ditch that other puffy blanket that you once thought was good. And if we happen to be your first... well, you're welcome.

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How to choose a puffy blanket for outdoor use?

Mind-Melting Warmth

The Kukün D.I.A. premium outdoor blanket will ensure you stay toasty. We've partnered with the best in industry, PrimaLoft® Insulation, to make sure you stay warm. Stop shaking in your boots. Comfortable = Warm = Smiles

What are the top features of a camping blanket?

Bigger = Better

Some say size doesn't matter, we'd have to disagree. The Kukün D.I.A. Premium Puffy blanket is a 1-Person Blanket that is 55"x80":

  • 47% bigger than the industry standard
  • 13% bigger than top competitors

Yeah, math.

Where to buy high-quality outdoor blankets?

Superior Dryness

There's nothing worse than not being able to trust your gear when Mother-Nature decides to be unpredictable. Staying dry is key. Treated with Teflon™ EcoElite™ DWR, stay dry no matter the exciting activity you have in mind.

Any Activity, Any Time.

What is the best outdoor blanket for camping?
  • Why are puffy blankets good for camping?

    Oh Snap!

    Stop picking your current camping blanket off the ground and go hands free with our Magnetic Clips. Go hands free and keep your blanket securely Kuküned around you, as easy as one, two, snap. And if you don't have an outdoor blanket, do yourself a favor.

  • What is the ideal weight for a camping blanket?

    Such a Lightweight...

    Weighing in at only 26% the weight of a gallon of milk, or just 86% of a bottle of wine, the Kukün D.I.A. delivers heavy-hitting features in a lightweight package.

  • How to clean and maintain a camping blanket?

    Big Blanket, Small Package

    The Kukün D.I.A. camping blanket is stored in a compact stuff sack, making it easy to travel with. See the look on your friends faces when they find out what your packing in such a small package.

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  • Are outdoor blankets waterproof?


    Corner hand pockets help keep your hands warm and help keep your blanket wrapped nice and snug around you.

  • What sizes do puffy camping blankets come in?

    What's hangin?

    Corner loops come in handy and allow you to stake your blanket to the ground if you're enjoying a picnic or day at the beach, or to hang your blanket up as a wind/rain barrier, or to dry.

  • What materials are best for puffy outdoor blankets?

    Strong as an Ox.

    Durable, reliable, and ready to work. Tough ripstop polyester is ready to brave any element.

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  • What are some machine washable outdoor blankets?

    Machine Washable

    Don't stress if you make a mess. Just throw your blanket in the washing machine to reset like new.

  • What advantages are there for eco-friendly blankets?


    We love our planet. Our PrimaLoft® Insulation is made from 100% post consumer recycled content. Our Teflon™ EcoElite™ DWR is a bio-based and non-fluorinated repellant that is plant based, without sacrificing quality.

  • Outdoor blankets with money back guarantee.

    Money Back Guarantee

    We want to make sure you love your Kukün blanket as much as we do. If you're not satisfied, we'll give you your money back.